Tuesday, October 22, 2019
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Welcome to SCWGov's Partner Application Services

On-Boarding Process

Really, relax. We are here for you at every step. When you make the right choice in Qruuvio™, you benefit from our comprehensive 3 step on-boarding process that’s as easy as flipping a switch..

1.) Discover & Listen!

  • We listen to understanding your business.
  • We give you detailed project implementation plans.
  • We help you determine your final transition strategy.

2.) Implementation & Training

  • Convert data. Migrate data. Configure and optimize your system.
  • Train in your own office using your own data with Qruuvio™ Interactive Training.
  • Take advantage of the demo center we set up at your location to make the training process more convenient and practical for new staff.

3.) Deployment

  • We partner with you to make your “go live” process as effortless as possible.
  • We ensure your ongoing success with system operations.
  • Our ongoing commitments include: Seamless updates, support when you need it and we will help you position your business for growth.

To support our partners we have structure a business development program based our 13 ways to generate revenue – click here to see a summary.


Three ways to Join:

  • Product Sales
  • End User
  • OEM Representative

How to get started

Please review below: Business Platform License as a Starting Point

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