Resellers Program


Become a Reseller of Gruuvio Platform with Dedicated Support Team

Studio Codeworks, Inc (SCI) is a software company of experience developers who agreed to support a platform to standardize the management of application development in Hybrid computing environment.

To make it easy for Value-Added Resellers (VARs) and Managed Service Providers (MSPs) to resell Gruuvio with Fanatical Support.

Gruuvio, LLC. has established pricing  to increase value, while maintaining its conceivable competitive pricing structure. Gruuvio is an investment into considerable positive and obtainable results.  Turning projects into weeks verse months of development, reducing cost by 30% and making client promises come true.

Business Partnership

The business relationship we will share incorporates marketing, sells, and technical support services, plus project teaming and consultation services.

The Goal

Our objective is to create success around the theme of profitable as a reason to market and become a reseller Gruuvio partner with the satisfaction that the product is stable, a reliable platform, and support service is excellent.

Real Differential:

Resell a stable and tested computing environment. As a Gruuvio developer you will witness the competitive advantage by using the SDK, templates, and Gruuvio easy of usage and deployment process.

A Reseller must acquire Gruuvio License platform

Once you selected entry point an purchase your Reseller’s Gruuvio Computing Platform you are on your way. SCIGov will become your partner available 24/7 by 365 days partner commit, willing, and really to address any requirement to help you realize a profitable return. SCIGov is a dedicated all Gruuvio partners to support Partner SLA performance-and business development needs.

Become an Gruuvio Lab Product and Services Reseller

Get the Support You Need When You Need It

Whether you need marketing materials, assistance closing a deal, or technical support, SCIGov has you covered.


The Gruuvio Labs technology provided:

  1. A multi-layer computing infrastructure as a developers Platform.
  2. The essential API management services, modules, and per-built Apps.
  3. Simplified easy and fast processing services to control workflow.
  4. The resource foundation to service endless industries, customers and solutions.

Easy Application Deployment

The Gruuvio Platform is not for everyone, it’s a multi-layer computing environment for Things on the Internet, SaaS, IaaS, IaaP for Management Service Providers offering services to software developers with the infrastructure to support tools for generating Hybrid Solutions and business capabilities.

Gruuvio is an investment into Next Generation Digital Hybrid Platform for your business with unlimited industries and solutions.



  • Includes:


  • Full Marketplace API Key Account:Full Marketplace API Key Account:
  • API Modules AccessAPI Modules Access
  • Per-Built AppsPer-Built Apps
  • Development ServicesDevelopment Services
  • Service SubscriptionService Subscription
  • Gruuvio Installation ServicesGruuvio Installation Services
  • Lite

  • $40,000

    On-premise Single License

  • Includes:

    One license unlimited users - Single Licenes
  • Full Marketplace API Key Account:
  • API Modules Access
  • Per-Built AppsAdd-on Feature
  • Development ServicesService Level Agreement - Terms
  • Service SubscriptionAnnually
  • Gruuvio Installation Servicesyes
  • Plus

  • $80,000

    On-premise Single License

  • Includes:

    Gruuvio Plus Single License
  • Full Marketplace API Key Account:yes
  • API Modules Accessyes
  • Per-Built AppsSupport only in standard and professional plans!yes
  • Development ServicesService Level Agreement - Terms
  • Service SubscriptionAnnually
  • Gruuvio Installation Servicesyes
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  • $200,000

    On-premise 5 License

  • Includes:

    Gruuvio Enterprise 5 licenses:
  • Full Marketplace API Key Account:yes
  • API Modules Accessyes
  • Per-Built Appsyes
  • Development ServicesService Level Agreement - Terms
  • Service SubscriptionAnnually
  • Gruuvio Installation Servicesyes
  • Marketplace

  • $20,000

    On-premise Single License

  • Includes:

    Only in Plus, and Enterprise Plans
  • Full Marketplace API Key Account:Add-on Feature
  • API Modules AccessAdd-on Feature
  • Per-Built Appsyes
  • Development ServicesUpdates and Notification of Status
  • Service SubscriptionAnnually
  • Gruuvio Installation Servicesyes
  • Support

  • Included

    Annually/Separately Priced

  • Includes:

    Included Annually/Separately Priced
  • Full Marketplace API Key Account:Developer Support (Time and Material)
  • API Modules AccessSeparately Priced
  • Per-Built AppsSeparately Priced
  • Development Services
  • Service SubscriptionSeparately Priced
  • Gruuvio Installation ServicesSeparately Priced


Our experience with Gruuvio:

Its unique framework of combining processing and computing resources designed to process fast, become more flexible, easy to use developer grade platform.

We use Gruuvio as our application development platform.  When the market starting increasing the need for on-demand Hybrid application connectivity we saw the need for both cloud and premise computing for end to end device connectivity.  Now Information Technology companies and developers demanded more standardization as a competitively priced resources for independence, on-demand resources available anywhere and anytime at fixed cost to control profitability.

Gruuvio offer the computing environment for managing, quick production, delivery and deployment, plus the apps environment provides a three (3) tier computing structure as the Resting platform to access ToI, information processing hub, and a service infrastructures for developer at fixed cost monthly and annual rate.

Why You Should Resell Gruuvio Labs platform

“SCIGov has already proven their management for hosted products are superior to other vendors we have tested. Their Gruuvio Lab setup is no different. The fact that everything can be consolidated into one portal is VERY convenient and VERY easy to setup and deploy.”

If you take this into consideration and combine it with SCIGov ’s Fanatical support you have a win-win situation for anyone looking at getting into the hosted market.”