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Why Choose Us?

The concept of ownership for business applications and data distribution across different platform is rapidly transforming into a more Hybrid cloud subscription based environment, without resistance to become fully digital.

SCIGov Software Developers Realized

Software developers realized that complication with maintaining control over applications coding has evolved into non-standardized code structures between the data resource, capture applications, method of workflow, modified legacy apps.  Before Gruuvio we created duplication, redundancy, which resulted in a spaghetti clustered environment with multiple interface to legacy structures from one developer team to runner up coming next.

Standardizing Coding Structure

Gruuvio is the answer to “Standardized Program Structures” missing to establish a universal platform to reduce complicity, eliminate redundancies, remove legacy software modification/add-nos, clear up confusion from one developer team to runner up coming next.

Quick, Easy Deployments

Gruuvio was designed to allow for quick, easy documentations, coding, and deployments into a more efficient Digital methodology for data management and control over the workflow, design, user interface, features and creativity.

SCIGov’s is a Great Fit

Here at SCI Government Services whether commercial or governments will find with our technology coupled with our Gold Star Customer services is a differential when client’s are in the evaluation stages of different computer environments.  If your organization is innovative, seeking to expand your customer base and improve performance by limiting duplication and reduce time to process transactions, we are a great fit.

The Investment to Transformation

We work with our business and reseller partners to apply resources required are needed; to sustain the commitment to transform their operation to new generation on-demand delivery systems.

Here are some topical case analysis to weight with comparing using Gruuvio against your competitors:

  • Your competitors are offering their clients on-line support services and you are not?
  • You have two or more locations and your ability to collect, share, operation, and administrative process data requires terminal level access only?
  • The contract scope of work is requiring automated processing for task level transactions be provided.
  • After evaluating current competitive position, its obvious the need to add mobile apps, and/or you need to reorganized software team to reduce operating cost or know the need to transform is inevitable, just can afford the cost, plus just don’t know how and where to start?

Choose SCIGov when, why, and how!

Here are some key indicators to match up with your decision.

If you can determine three our more SCW is perfect match:

  1. To improve the efficiency and dependability of the IT operations.
  2. Reduce cost in having to newer software  licenses and having re-design applications.
  3. Enhanced security and compliance.
  4. Obtain scalability without cost increases.
  5. A proactive approach to maintenance.
  6. Cost effectiveness and a good return on investment.
  7. Free up IT staff to work on strategic projects.
  8. Have greater access to new technologies.
  9. Lacks in-house IT capabilities for certain functions.
  10. Shifting capital expenses to operating expenses.
  11. Predictable pricing and manageable costs.

How and When to come to a resolution?

When ready is normal response! Most importantly, to conclude Hybrid cloud is the transform concept, and somewhere in the near future the information highway will become a fully Digital transformation as the standard.

SCIGov’s pricing are very affordable:
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