Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Infrastructure Modernize

Modernizing to a Hybrid infrastructure requires a computing environment to integrate hardware and software to optimize operations and accelerate app development. Gruuvio provides a standardize developers platform designed to maintain its inheritance with technology as an evolving computing environment.

Why Hybrid?

The flexibility to rapidly make adjustments, communicate with potential customers based on analytical data to restructure messages, economic benefits to target mobile and public cloud users without sacrificing security and control of on-premises and cloud IT capabilities.

Operating in Hybrid Environment

Hybrid integrates on-premise and cloud resources, which provide the ability to respond to unexpected mission-critical capabilities by redirect API requirements for your apps and data access across multiple platforms.

Application delivery to cloud

Implementing a computing environment using Gruuvio accelerate cloud application development and deployment and enable IT to rapidly deliver and manage services across a Hybrid IT environment.

Transform to a hybrid infrastructure

We have the right platforms for your apps and data across traditional IT, providing private and public cloud access to minimize risk and maximize cost savings.

Operating in Hybrid Environment

on-premise and cloud resources, which provide the ability to respond to unexpected mission-critical capabilities by redirect API requirements for your apps and data access across multiple platforms.

When considering a transformation to fully Digital IT capabilities using Gruuvio Lab products.

Our partners can rest assured each license incorporates installation and migration of services as an integral component to partners SLA. SCIGov is required to insure that each installation meets the required certification standard by Gruuvio under the Gold Star Customer Satisfaction program and customer support services program.


SCIGov’s IT Service encompasses extensive experience in Network Operating Centers (NOC) infrastructures, NOC Hybrid transformations, and designing scalability for any industries. Implementing the Gruuvio platform there are no boundaries in maintaining On-site and Remote support services for hardware infrastructures, operating systems, business applications, transaction logs, space storage and retrieval, and user environments worldwide.

IT management services, retail and reseller wholesale license, and API subscriptions.

SCIGov’s core business is offering information technology solutions for businesses and to developers either a customer or reseller. 
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Our operation incorporates Gruuvio platform solutions to mitigate into a stable Hybrid Digital computing environment.


Each partner licenses includes specific levels of training, a customer project analysis report, levels of authorization to use Gruuvio as their resource platform.

After completing a license agreement the terms, provisions, and a Project Implementation Plan (PIP) is agreed upon, which is used to develop a Service Level Agreement (SLA) with Studio Codeworks, Inc. and Gruuvio Lab LLC.


  • Systems Project Manager
  • System Program Manager
  • Business Analyst
  • Windows Developer
  • Linux Developers
  • Web Developer
  • Security and Cyber developer


  • Private Mobile Networks
  • Hand RFID Scanner
  • RFID Tag Printers
  • Badge RFID Printers
  • 2 Port FX7500 w 2 Antennas
  • RFD8500 Reader w/ Imagery
  • 1000 Confidex Silver Line Micro Tags
  • Zebra Confidex Silverline Printer
  • Tracking Check out/in units
  • 2500 4″ x 2″ Alien Squiggle


  • Operation Project Manager
  •  Architect
  • Network Engineers
  • Mobile Configuration Management
  • Administrative Engineers
  • Subject Matter System Engineers
  • Security and Cyber Engineers


  • Gruuvio Enterprise
  • Gruuvio Lite
  • Gruuvio Lab 365
  • Gruuvio Extensions:
  • CaptureX RFID
  • CaptureX IPA Asset Management
  • Gruuvio Lab Kits
  • Starter Kit
  • API Subscriptions
  • Special bundled Software Developer Kit
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