Gruuvio Developer Modules and Pre-Built Applications

Gruuvio Developer Modules and Pre-Built Applications

provides a unique set of computing modules and Pre-built applications ready for deployment and customization.

The coding design provides the workbench environment for Developers to seamless integrate modules and apps into a standardized structure for Digital services by using the next generation platform for Hybrid applications for a Digital information markets.
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Gruuvio Modules provide the building blocks for advance coding as a collection of SQL, Java-Scripts, C#, C++, IOS, Python, PHP, iOS Swif, and Ruby on Rails, plus bring your own added to the language, create process and place in Gruuvio Marketplace as product ready for integration into the next developer’s big application.


The Next Generation of Digital Communication

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Gruuvio’s business model provides a process for standardizing the workbench environment for the Developers.

The following Pre-built solution are designed using Gruuvio modules plus from the advance coding collection as fully functional customizable solutions with object coding to execute various actions and instructions, alerts, monitoring, call-notifications, scheduling, eCommerce, gaming app with templates to standardize the developers workbench environment as integrated coding for next big application.

You can customize and tailor the apps for your selected industry and use the Modules to modify features and functionality as required.



  • Analytics with Endpoint for API Usage, Order to User behavioral objects


  • Billing transaction,Invoices, Payment Details, End to End subscription with flexible Subscribers and Subscription Plans option.

  • Prescribed Daily news Stories, Search filters, and RSS,


  • Messages Endpoint tool to standardize management.


  • xCapture functional inventory Endpoint module with optional features for devices IO, wireless services. Build UI, data structures, with transactions tag/logs.


  • .messager called Messagetnapont, with search, threading, anywhere Endpoint IU module.


  • .orders a versatile module with item-log, alerts-status features as a Catalog Endpoint.


  • I.Social module authorization link-manager to Instagram, Media, Socialarity-Params-Profiler, Score, as a UI User Selfie Endpoint.




  • src/main/webapp


  • GResponse for Gruuvio


  • .billing provide an interface for Stripe payment as a Endpoint


  • The casemanager a full function module Endpoint, casecreater, UI-case editor, activity-log, logic execution, transaction log, to Results in java.


.goe module addresses Point to Endpoint, Location, Places Near by, Traffic Weather as integrated for Iframing.


  • Mercury IU Profiler Endpoint includes fully executable messaging, search, with message threading


  • Calendar Endpoint with Scheduling, Events, transaction log module with result logic.


  • .search module for Wide spider functionality module.


  • Role and Scopes Endpoint module.


  • .session core module functioning Begin-End, Get-Response with Log Event as a Endpoint


  • .web calls DailyMeStory, use email tracker, list of global cookie, support Rivir Jobs as a Endpoint.

Gruuvio – API Management and Marketplace by Studio Code Labs

Module Short Descriptions of the main application for all of a Gruuvio.

  1. AI Trainer:  This is an application using machine learning to help people train.
  2. AnAppName:  A description
  3. Ardenna:  Computer vision for trucking
  4. CaptureX:  Field data capture application for enterprise.
  5. Cupcake Diva:  Bringing smiles to all the good little boys and girls of the world one cupcake at a time.
  6. DailyMe:  News that matters. Stories worth sharing.
  7. DibDibs:  Cupcake Diva’s DibDibs.
  8. EFlowerly:  A flower generation application for people.
  9. Egg Message:  Email, instant, and personal messaging reimagined.
  10. Expert Bookings:  Book an expert or make yourself available to the media.
  11. OneLabX:  One account for all of your apps, in one place.
  12. PRZ:  Personal red zone for applications
  13. Realms:  Main hub for all things related to Studio Codeworks games.
  14. RIViR:  Algorithmic execution and other good stuff.
  15. SCW-Realms:  Main hub for all things related to Studio Codeworks games.
  16. SCW-Realms:  undefined
  17. Snapperific:  Order your photos in a snap.
  18. Socialarity:  Social scoring for social marialites.
  19. Some App:  A description
  20. Studio Codework’s Realms:  Studiocodework’s realms.
  21. Test project for unity:  Test project for unity.
  22. Unity Example Project: Templates