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Welcome To SC’s Digital Marketplace

Studio Codeworks, Inc. (SC) is a State of Maryland Corporation since 2012, offering cloud software development within its marketplace as a platform infrastructure service for application developers and management service providers.

Our platform of choice was Gruuvio LLC’s information technology computing, and its processing structure that provided the resources to reduce cost, increase working capital, the design is built as the best of class Hybrid Digital computing environments cost verse value, to other we have tested.

We required a single source solution to grow our business as a management service platform with innovated technologies.

Gruuvio provided the methodologies to standardize our developer resources, the ability to share resources within a developer community using the next generation of computing for a Hybrid Digital app development and the workbench we needed for the future growth.

As a certified Gruuvio product reseller SCIGov also provides authorized installation services, trainers, software developers, technical services for On-premise and Cloud apps deployment, including IT infrastructure operation management, and consultant services.

Business Objective

In 2017, SC formed a Government Service Operation (SCIGov) to market and support Gruuvio Labs products as a marketplace for developers to have an advantage in the Digital environment.  The goal is to present and introduce Gruuvio unique architecture into the market and demonstrate its industry wide capabilities.  Gruuvio is built around proven standards for structuring using reliable originated Gruuvio plus jointly developed and third-party code structures with functional device level coding.

SC has deployed an array of mobile apps and sever applications as customization templates for business and consumer data requirements allowing you to build complex actions that your scope of work requires.

Our Mission

SCIGov mission is to market, support, and create a stable business and operation structure for the Gruuvio computing environment.  To establish a business network to promote  Gruuvio’s computing for producing apps, business solutions for rapid distribution, and deployment for all industries worldwide.

The User Environment

Our user integrated tools, and apps provide the base for enterprising requirements within a fast and easy deployments of extensions for business operations or to multiple marketplaces.

Our User Experience

Our experience with Gruuvio allowed SC to participate in the evolution of major development phases, the increase in features, and functionalities into a stable integration services. Gruuvio offers solid state computing staging for developers with analytical analysis for tracking and monitoring multiple actions, to asset management and tracking of inventory, to creative cloud and On-premise external networks where application designers can deploy large and small user’s business solutions in stable run-time environments.

A Multi-infrastructure Computing Environment

Gruuvio is the complete digital infrastructure for unlimited users  as a multi-layer computing environment offering four different business models to pursue providing Things on the Internet.  The Multi-layer starts as a enterprise computing environment for Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), next Software as a Service (SaaS), and a Platform as a Services (PaaS), for Management Service Provider (MSP) to offer services to software developers with the infrastructure to support the next generation of Hybrid Solutions with unlimited business opportunities.

Certified Gruuvio Lab Service Provider

SCIGov is a Certified Gruuvio Lab Service Provider

As a certified Gold Star Gruuvio Enterprise user and reseller SC utilizes the Infrastructure platform as a developers computing environment.   Gruuvio provides a wide range of resources to deploy apps solutions worldwide in all facets of delivery across all existing platforms.

API Cloud and Solid State Services

As a Software as a Service (SaaS) and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) provider, we offer cloud and on-premise API support services for database management, storage, retrieval and transmission mobile, and sensor data as API and wireless access endpoint over IP to device delivery endpoints.

Gruuvio is a tested and stable platform,  which standardize coding structures, Load Sharing Architecture (LSA), utilizing AI technology to maintain internal processes and computing resources with self monitoring capabilities.



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